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Sailboat & bareboat in st-martin : what to choose ?

Come to the Island of St Maartin with our bareboat charter st martin !

Dive amongst the colorful sea food across the Creole Rock, the most famous location for snorkeling and diving in Saint Martin. Away Tintamarre, swim with the turtles that inhabit the crystalline seas with this relaxing deserted isle.

Yield for the wonder of Pinel Isle. The translucent waters, the clever of white sand along with the swaying palms, a small part of Heaven ideal for loved ones exciting and snorkeling followers.

You have just arrived in Saint-Martin, and the beauty of the surrounding islands makes you decide to rent a bareboat for the day. Sailing in the crystal-clear seas of the Caribbean, and enjoying the total freedom offered to you by deciding your own destination, is an attractive project for which it is better to think carefully. Indeed, Paradise is earned, and the first question is to choose the boat rental that will best suit your escapade. To do this, it will be necessary to determine which rental option you are considering. We are going to consider Bareboat charter in Saint-Martin, where you will be the skipper, and sailboat charter, with a full crew.

Bareboat charter Saint-Martin, appreciate the freedom to explore

The bareboat option

The bareboat option means that you will rent a boat, and you will skipper it by yourself. To get this possibility, you or somebody in your group need to have the license to skipper. You will need to present all mandatory documents. Some documents depend on the destination you have chosen. In any case, you have to prove you are able to sail the boat. You will have to pay a security deposit for any potential damage or accident to the boat.
Thus, bareboat charters are usually booked by people who have a great sailing experience.
Choosing the bareboat charter St-Maarten option will lead you to control and to be in charge of everything, from sailing to monitoring people around you.

The benefits of the bareboat option

Imagine yourself exploring the coasts of Saint-Martin and the surrounding islands while sailing. Wherever you are on your boat, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional view, and you will appreciate the total freedom in your decisions. Want to relax on a white sandy beach? Feel like strolling through the villages by the sea and taste the local attractions? Just sail peacefully towards them. Wish to scubadive or to snorkel suddenly? Simply stop to sail and have fun!
Thus, with a St-Maarten bareboat rental, you just have to enjoy, and to decide what you want to do, and when you want to do it.
However, maybe you are a beginner in sailing, or you only want to feel this day at sea with your friends.

So don’t hesitate: the rental of a boat with a full crew is your best choice.

Our Options

st martin catamaran charters
catamaran st maarten

Click on the map above to rent a Catamaran in Saint Martin !

Click on the map above to rent a boat in Saint Martin !


Departure from : Grand-Case

Creole Rock



Return to : Grand Case


Our suggested itineraries are devised that will help you uncover probably the most gorgeous internet sites around Saint Martin, St Barth and Anguilla with the st maarten catamaran charters. These itineraries are only ideas. Tell us where you would want to go so we will work with you to customize your entire day for your private taste.


  • Private catamaran
  • Fuel
  • Light breakfast (coffee/tea/breakfast cakes/fruit)
  • Snacks
  • Open bar (soft drinks, beer, rosé and red wine, rum, vodka)
  • Diving gear (masks, snorkels)
  • Stand-up Paddle-boards


Lunch on board: 25€/person
Several options are available.
Must be ordered 48h in advance.

Bring your own lunch
(a fridge and BBQ are available on board).

Stand-up Paddle-board lessons with a certified instructor (from 100€).

Massage (from 150€).



Full day (9 am – 5 pm)
until 10 passengers
(no additional taxes)

From December 20th to January 5th + 20%

– Boat rental : 1100€
– Crew : 200€


Prices shown represent the flat rate for a maximum of 10 passengers.

For more than 10 passengers: a supplement of 60€/extra person will be charged.

The St Maarten sailboat rental can accommodate a maximum of 18 passengers.
For Rental of the boat without our Captain, a strong experience on similar type of boat will be asked.

Sailboat charter Saint-Martin : Experience the Caribbean sailing with style

The sailboat option

You have decided to enjoy your private day and now you want to hire a skipper, with a chef and a crew who will take care of everything on board. The skipper will show you how to sail if you wish, the cook will take care of everything that is necessary for your meals. Of course, each member of the crew must be provided with food and drinks. You just have to make the choice of sailboat charter in St-Maarten that will suit your needs the best.

The benefits of the sailboat option

Consider your private day without any constraints of time, places, or activities. Wouldn’t you to enjoy the absolute freedom of the moment, and a luxury sailing experience, among the islands ? With a specially crew trained to make this special day unforgettable, all your dreams are going to come true!
Fill this day with wonderful sailing, discover all the natural beauties from the sea, enjoy to have fun with your family and friends…

Captainsuptours has selected this exceptional St-Maarten sailboat rental for your private days. Perfectly equipped, it is as comfortable as it is spacious. Your crewed charter is the right place to relax. We have paid particular attention to your comfort and to your relaxation. Our crew is attentive to your every move, and remains at your entire service to bring you everything you need.
A private day on a rental with crew guarantees you an unforgettable day in Paradise. Combine the comfort of a luxurious day with the Caribbean adventure, under the protection and kindness of the skipper, the gourmet chef and the Captainsuptours crew. Choose from over our circuits throughout the islands.

Then, what is the best solution for you?

Choose St-Maarten bareboat charter if:

  • You want to enjoy this feeling of freedom to do absolutely what you desire
  • You want to share this private day only with your family or friends
  • You have all the necessary permits and documents proving your ability to sail
  • You do not want to pay more, therefore all you need is the boat!

Choose St-Maarten sailboat charter to :

Enjoy services adapted to your wishes, thanks to the skipper, the cook and the crew members Enjoy a wide choice of nautical activities with all the necessary equipment on board

Whatever your choice, Captain Sup Tours Saint-Martin will be pleased to assist you in making your private day unforgettable and exceptional.