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Discover the Island of St Maartin with our st maarten boat charters from the sea as we tour the coast of Saint Martin.
Plunge amongst the multi-colored sea food round the Creole Rock, the most famous spot for snorkeling and plunging in Saint Martin. Off Tintamarre, swim using the turtles that occupy the crystalline waters with this peaceful deserted tropical island.

Succumb towards the wonder of Pinel Isle. The translucent waters, the clever of white sand and also the swaying palms, a tiny corner of Heaven ideal for family fun and snorkeling followers.

St Maarten boat rental : Escape from the greyness of your life to wrap yourself in blue!

Bored by the sadness of your landscape, of your routine, you are looking for new experiences in a fresh environment. You need to make your dreams absolutly real in order to get unforgettable memories. Fly to the Carribean islands and St Maarten more precisely in order to taste a great change. St. Martin is bathed, in its East side by the Atlantic Ocean and in the West by the Caribbean Sea. With a total area of 88km², the island of Saint-Martin displays 15km in its greatest length and 13km in its greatest width. The island of Saint Martin takes place in a central position in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, halfway between Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe and is the most advanced french point of the US coast. By plane, Saint-Martin is 3h30 from New York, 2h30 from Miami (Florida), 1h30 from Caracas, 45 minutes from the Islands of Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico. On the other hand, it is about 7 000km far from Europe or eight hours by plane. Nearby islands are Anguilla, St. Barthelemy, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and Nevis which are also to discover. Planning holidays in this island is very simple to manage and renting a boat with St Maarten yacht charter even simpler. When you land on that divine island, you are surrounded by genuine feelings and overwhelmed by precious smells and colours. Enjoy every moment you spend sharing unique scents and marvelous sights. Flowers, clothes, music, everything is charming you and sounds exotic.

Boat rental Saint Martin : Experience a new way of life !

Your mood will change at once and your skin will become instantly tanned. You have to go on board a boat rental sxm to complete your journey. Share turquoise waters and breeze on your face while cruising around that marvellous island and its surroundings. As soon as you arrive in that pearl of the Caribbean archipelago, you are aware that you are materializing your deepest and most incredible dreams. The sky is always shining and the sea are welcoming you. You are ready to offer you a genuine tour on board of a St Maarten boat rental. Do not be afraid by sailing ou cruising, we manage everything in order to fullfil your tiniest need. As a skilled enterprise in St Martin boat rental, we are able to provide you the boat which perfectly fits you. Whatever its length or its size, with motor or not, we give you the suitable boat for your purpose. The crew is experienced enough and on your orders in order to create the best conditions of cruising. You can ask them to discover the most beautiful beaches of the island. They help you to recognise the fishes and turtles you are meeting. You go from surprise to surprise sharing a diving experience with dolphins, sharks or parrotfishes striped with their uncredible colours. You discover how pleasant the sound of the wind in sails is. You become attentive to the movements of the sea, to its colours and its changes from hour to hour. Whatevever you experiment during the time you spend on our boat charter saint martin, you will enjoy and gain new abilities. Very soon, you will be able to identify a fish or a sea bird. You will dive deeper and deeper and breath more easily. You will know how to prepare fabulous cocktails and recipes in order to come back home with new knowledges thanks to Captain Sup Tours. Do not forget that the crew will offer you the possibility to become a skipper for a while which will remain in your memory forever. As a captain on board of your St Martin boat charter, you get new feelings. You are able to manage properly with the different moves of the boat. You can provide to your family and friends fun and real beauty.

Our Options

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Departure from : Grand-Case

Creole Rock



Return to : Grand Case


Our suggested itineraries are created that will help you find out probably the most gorgeous internet sites around Saint Martin, St Barth and Anguilla with this st martin catamaran charters. These itineraries are simply suggestions. Tell us where you want to go and we will continue to work along with you to customize every day in your individual preference.


  • Private catamaran
  • Fuel
  • Light breakfast (coffee/tea/breakfast cakes/fruit)
  • Snacks
  • Open bar (soft drinks, beer, rosé and red wine, rum, vodka)
  • Diving gear (masks, snorkels)
  • Stand-up Paddle-boards


Lunch on board: 25€/person
Several options are available.
Must be ordered 48h in advance.

Bring your own lunch
(a fridge and BBQ are available on board).

Stand-up Paddle-board lessons with a certified instructor (from 100€).

Massage (from 150€).



Full day (9 am – 5 pm)
until 10 passengers
(no additional taxes)

From December 20th to January 5th + 20%

– Boat rental : 1100€
– Crew : 200€


Prices shown represent the flat rate for a maximum of 10 passengers.

For more than 10 passengers: a supplement of 60€/extra person will be charged.

The boat rental can accommodate a maximum of 18 passengers.
For rental sailboat of the boat without our Captain, a strong experience on similar type of boat will be asked.

St maarten boat charters : Our float of St Maarten

Let your inspiration express itself and choose the boat you really want to come on board. Our boat rental sxm displays a large choice. Our catamarans are the most appropriate boat to discover our lagoon, its bays and beaches. Do not fear any seasick, the catamaran offers a real stability. You will spend a very secure time on board of one of these. Your children and family will share a special fun time while cruising around marvelous sites. Safety and expertise in order to anticipate the sailing conditions are entirely handled by the crew. Our skippers are trained and able to face any difficulty. They bring you the experience and the security you are in right to demand. Everything is under the control of the crew and you can simply forget everything and let you carry away in the best conditions you ever imagined. Our boat rental Saint Martin remains one of the best adresses on the place. Our comments’customers are always very positive. They find our boats ideal to discover the most wonderful sites. From them, they can easily dive and come aboard the same. The sailing is safe and without rough movements. Our catamarans are designed in order to provide the best experience for cruising. Wide and comfortable, they offer you the boat of your dreams. We give you the opportunity to share a tasty lunch with the crew and make your cruising more exciting. Other extras activities like paddle or snorkeling are also available on demand. Just ask and book for the lunch in order to share a genuine meal cooked with the greatest products from the island. You will add the pleasure of your stomach to the pleasure of your eyes. Do not forget to enjoy any moment you spend on board of our catamaran. Make all your dreams become true with our company. We diversify our services in order to get you the best.

During your travel in the Caribbean and in St Marteen do not miss the experience of a great sailing on our boat rental sxm. You, your family and friends will enjoy that great experience.