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Discover the Friendly Island with our st martin catamaran charters from the sea as we tour the coast of Saint Martin.
Dive among the colorful fish around the Creole Rock, the most famous spot for snorkeling and diving in Saint Martin. Off Tintamarre, swim with the turtles that inhabit the crystalline waters of this peaceful deserted island.

Succumb to the magic of Pinel Island. The transparent waters, the slick of white sand and the swaying palms, a small corner of Paradise ideal for family fun and snorkeling fans.

In the collective unconscious, the evocation of the Caribbean means luxury holidays in a blue and sunny paradise.

The Caribbean region has many tourist sites scattered among all its islands. In the north, you can find out the most beautiful leisure destinations, such as St. Martin, Anguilla and St. Barthélemy.

Discover catamaran rental in St-Martin with Captain Sup Tours.

St Martin Catamaran charters : Live the Caribbean experience and rent a catamaran

A dream of escape

As soon as you arrive, all your senses are exacerbated. An explosion of tropical colours dazzles you, the fragrances of plants and flowers awaken your sense of smell, and the flavour of local dishes excites your taste buds. The warm sun swept by the trade winds ruffles your skin with a nonchalant touch. Finally, the sound of the waves confirms that you are well arrived in those faraway and charming lands: Welcome to the Caribbean, the place to be for nautical sports and sailing. Captain Sup offers luxury catamaran rental in St-Maarteen.

A dream of sailing

Think about sailing for a day in the clear waters of the Caribbean. Captain Sup has developed Private Day tours to help you discover all the beauties of the islands. Live your stay with passion and choose one of our St-Martin catamaran charters, we have selected for you the best sites around Saint-Martin, Anguilla and Saint-Barthélemy.

A dream of luxury

Enjoy your holiday and rely on Captain Sup’s experience and professionalism to lead you around the islands. Get a catamaran rental in St-Martin and settle into a comfortable position aboard his luxurious Lagoon 450 catamaran and experience the maritime adventure to the full. The Lagoon 450 is 45 feet long and can accommodate up to 18 people. Spacious and elegant, its exterior layout has ample seating, sun beds, a rest bed, benches, a table seating 12, and a shower. Inside, a fully equipped kitchen, a lounge for 10 people with television, and 3 restrooms offer the necessary comfort for relaxation and conviviality

Our versatile catamaran st martin is the best choice for your seafaring excursions. Your safety and well-being on board remain CaptainSup’s top priorities.

Our Options

Click on the map above to rent a Sailboat in Saint Martin !

Click on the map above to rent a boat in Saint Martin !


Departure from : Grand-Case

Creole Rock



Return to : Grand Case


Our suggested itineraries are devised to help you discover some of the most beautiful sites around Saint Martin, St Barth and Anguilla with our catamaran charters.
These itineraries are just suggestions. Tell us where you would like to go and we will work with you to customize your day to your personal taste.


  • Private catamaran
  • Fuel
  • Light breakfast (coffee/tea/breakfast cakes/fruit)
  • Snacks
  • Open bar (soft drinks, beer, rosé and red wine, rum, vodka)
  • Diving gear (masks, snorkels)
  • Stand-up Paddle-boards


Lunch on board: 25€/person
Several options are available.
Must be ordered 48h in advance.

Bring your own lunch
(a fridge and BBQ are available on board).

Stand-up Paddle-board lessons with a certified instructor (from 100€).

Massage (from 150€).



Full day (9 am – 5 pm)
until 10 passengers
(no additional taxes)

From December 20th to January 5th + 20%

– Boat rental : 1100€
– Crew : 200€


Prices shown represent the flat rate for a maximum of 10 passengers.

For more than 10 passengers: a supplement of 60€/extra person will be charged.

The catamaran rental can accommodate a maximum of 18 passengers.
For St Maarten boat rental of the boat without our Captain, a strong experience on similar type of boat will be asked.

Book your private day and explore the islands with elegance aboard a catamaran

Get your catamaran rental in St-Marteen, Captain Sup invites you on his discovery tours in the spacious catamaran Lagoon 450.

All departures and arrivals for our private day tours are from Grand Case.

Catamaran St-Marteen

By renting a catamaran sxm from Captain Sup, you have the opportunity to sail around the island and enjoy its beauty. Take the time to dive into the Creole Rock. This totally preserved site is a well-known place for its submarine wildlife and a shelter for myriads of brightly coloured fishes. Then sail to the island of Tintamarre; its quietness invites you to relax. After this moment of privileged serenity, swim with the turtles in the crystal clear waters. Continue to Pinel Island and surrender yourself to the splendid postcard decor of its main beach: white sand, palm trees, calm and shallow turquoise waters.


Anguilla is the main island of the group, located north of St Martin. It is now a British overseas territory. Due to the infinite beauty of the lush vegetation and the splendid bays, Anguilla is a destination particularly coveted by tourists from all over the world. Thanks to your catamaran St-Maarten charter, your Rendez vous Bay arrival point offers an exceptional view of its neighbour Saint-Martin. You will continue to marvel at the waters of Cap Juluca or on its legendary golden sandy beach. In Meads Bay, you will discover one of the longest beaches on the island.

Depending on the weather conditions, it will be possible with your bareboat to follow the coast to Crocus Bay, where the pink and white colours of the sand will surprise you. You may also have the opportunity to visit the two small uninhabited islands of Prickly Pear, or to linger on Sandy Island.


Located in the southeast of Anguilla, St Barth is a French-speaking island in the Caribbean. Prestigious villas, giant yachts and luxury shops have turned it into a holiday destination for stars and foreign wealthy people. The surly and somewhat timeless beauty that emerges from it will not fail to carry you away into a surprising and bewitching word. The Ile Fourchue, located off the coast of St Barth, is not yet very popular and seems still wild. You will be welcomed by friendly goats. Snorkelling lovers will enjoy swimming among rays, barracudas and turtles.

You can choose one more stop, thanks to your luxurious catamaran SXM rental :

Colombier Cove is the most sheltered beach on the island. This nature reserve is home to many varieties of fishes and marine turtles. It is an ideal place for snorkeling. Gustavia is a colourful and charming upscale capital. The port welcomes the most beautiful yachts in the world, alongside Shell beach, a beach covered with thousands of shells and located a few steps from the city centre. The beach of St-Jean is one of the most famous on the island, due to its many water activities. You can decide to use those facilities, or simply enjoy a moment of idleness.